Marine Services

  • Marine Compressor Overhauls
  • Overhaul Large Cylinder Heads
  • Overhaul Marine Diesel Engines
  • Hone Cylinder Liners
  • Reface Valves & Seats
  • Re size Engine Con Rods
  • Balance Turbo Chargers
  • Overhaul Pistons
  • Re-line Brake Bands on Winch Drums 
  • Ability to visit Ship and cut Valve Seats in situ (up to 250mm)

We have full facilities to recondition marine cylinder heads, screw compressors for refrigeration and complete rebuilding including new whitemetal bearings and screw retipping.

We undertake work on the following engines:

NiigataCumminsDetroitYanmarMirrlee's Blackstone

And many others.

(Our qualified tradesmen will travel to any location in NZ)


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