UJ Kit Detroit 7260 (21R Series) - UJSP 5.1306X Price: NZ$42.58

UJ Kit 1310 Solid Sports - UJSP*5-1310X Price: NZ$48.99

UJ Kit 1330 Solid Sports - UJSP*5-1330X Price: NZ$57.48

UJ Kit 1350 Solid Sports - UJSP*5-1350X Price: NZ$68.82

UJ Kit 1810 HD - UJSP*5-676X Price: NZ$131.86

UJ Kit Solid 7260 21R/1310 conversion - UJSP*5-788X Price: NZ$41.58

UJ 2R Series - UJSP*5.2011X Price: NZ$57.88

UJ Kit 1330 (K3) O/S Snp Ring - UJSP*5.213X Price: NZ$47.45

UJ Kit 1330 Ford 11/8" Solid - UJSP*SPL25.3 Price: NZ$44.47


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Over the last 63 years we have established a reputation as one of NZ's best Precision Engineers and Engine Reconditioners.

We specialise in whitemetal bearings, cylindrical grinding, repair and manufacture of Driveshafts. Suppliers of UJ's, Centre Bearings, driveshaft tubing, Splines & Yokes. Dynamic balancing of fans, engines and more. We also have a wide range of engineering equipment, including metal spraying.

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