We can help you with...

  • Engine reconditioning & Rebuilds 
  • Manufacturing of large Whitemetal bearing shells 
  • Re-metaling whitemetal bearing shells 
  • Rebuilding & manufacture of large driveshafts
  • Sale of drive shaft componants universal joints, CVs etc. (for cars, trucks etc) 
  • Balancing of driveshafts & large fans
  • Balancing of engines
  • Combine harvester cylinders
  • Large industrial mower rotors and cultivators 
  • CNC Lathe work 
  • Distributors of Penrite Oils
  • Pistons and valves for classic and vintage engines
  • Cylindrical Grinding  

We rebuild & recondition petrol and heavy duty diesel engines, Motorcycle, Vintage and Classic engines with whitemetal bearings, repair broken parts and specialist welding, and the supply new pistons and Penrite Quality Oil products.

Screw Compressors are a large part of our business. Whitemetal bearings welding and machining the tips on rotors. Marine work, specialising in the overhaul of large marine cylinder heads .

We do specialist work on De Havilland aircraft engines from the Gipsy moth and Gipsy Queen series.

Comprehensive supply of driveshaft and driveline parts (ON LINE SALES)


YES! we build trikes too - www.customsportstrikes.nz 


Specialists in Precision Engineering   

Over the last 63 years we have established a reputation as one of NZ's best Precision Engineers and Engine Reconditioners.

We specialise in whitemetal bearings, cylindrical grinding, repair and manufacture of Driveshafts. Suppliers of UJ's, Centre Bearings, driveshaft tubing, Splines & Yokes. Dynamic balancing of fans, engines and more. We also have a wide range of engineering equipment, including metal spraying.

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